4 Auto Electric Problems You Need to Know

You may think your car simply runs off gasoline, but in reality it uses many other resources in order to operate. While the vehicle runs the alternator generates electricity in order to power numerous electronic devices, as well as help create the spark needed by the engine to pump the pistons. Electrical issues can cause all sorts of problems for your car or truck. If you experience any sort of electrical issue it is most likely going to be caused by one of these issues. You'll need an expert auto electric repair technician to provide you with a proper diagnosis.

Dead battery

The most common electrical issue is a dead battery. While vehicle batteries can die on their own, as they have a lifespan of about 3-5 years depending on the brand and quality, they may die for other reasons. If lights are left open, the radio is ran too long without turning on the engine or if a door is left ajar it could drain the battery. In this scenario a jumpstart will usually restore the batteries capabilities.

Blown fuse

If you suddenly lose power to a whole system, such as power windows or if all of the dashboard lights go out, it could be caused by a blown fuse. Fuses help to regulate how much electricity is sent to a particular system so that it doesn't hurt the system. The fuse will "blow," meaning to break the circuit, if too much electricity is sent through it.

Stuck relay

Many electrical parts, such as the fuel pump, use a relay to turn on and off. If the electrical relay becomes stuck in the on position it will cause the part to continue to run even when it is not needed and could continue to operate when the car is off. This will not only drain the battery but it could damage the part itself.

Failing Alternator

The alternator is what produces electrical power in the car. It is connected to the belt system under the car and electrical power is distributed to where it is needed within the vehicle. Excess power is stored in the battery to ensure the car can start up the next time you need it. A failing alternator will result in numerous electrical issues, including dim headlights and hard starting or no starting.

Electrical issues can be very difficult to diagnose at times, so be sure to trust that duty to a highly experienced auto repair shop. If you need expert auto electric repair in Boulder you will want to bring your import or domestic vehicle to Boulder Auto Service and Repair. Our expert technicians will diagnose the problem in no time. For full service auto repair in Boulder give us a call at (303) 578-1371 and we will be happy to make you an appointment.

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