Does My Car Need Transmission Service?

In your vehicle there are numerous systems that work together to make it move. While the engine is what creates the power needed to turn the wheels, it is the transmission that gets the power to actually turn them. It does this by transferring engine power through a series of gears and down the driveshaft, to the wheels. The transmission, like most other parts in your car, require routine maintenance. However, general high mileage can also take a toll on vehicles. Aside from mileage markers here are 5 ways to tell it is time for transmission service.

Grinding gear noises

Anytime you hear weird noises while shifting it is a good idea to make an appointment with the auto shop. This is true regardless as to if you drive a manual or automatic transmission vehicles. Often times this is an indicator that there is improper lubrication occurring, which can cause damage to the gear teeth.

Delayed shifting

Does your engine rev really high when your carís automatic transmission tries to shift? This generally indicates that the car needs a transmission fluid flush or has insufficient transmission fluid in it.

Burning smell

A burning smell can indicate a few different things. Most often when operating a manual transmission car or truck it means that the clutch pad is wearing thin and due for a replacement. However it could also mean that your transmission is operating at too hot of temperatures and transmission fluid is boiling.

Pops out of gear

If your manual transmission vehicle tends to suddenly pop out of gear you need to get to the transmission service shop. This is a dangerous situation because it prevents you from being able to properly control your car or truck.

Transmission fluid leak

One of the most obvious signs of transmission trouble is if you find transmission fluid leaking from your vehicle. Transmission fluid is generally a reddish color. More often than not a routine transmission service will be able to fix this leak since this type of maintenance generally includes replacing the pan gasket.

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